Floor/Freestanding Listings

Music Stand - Lyre Motif

Music Stand - Lyre Motif  $234.00
Delia, Inc.

Hot Stone Sculpture

Hot Stone Sculpture  $4300.00
Morrison Glass Art

Bamboo Fountain

Bamboo Fountain  $1067.50
Max Howard

Cattail Fountain

Cattail Fountain  $1067.50
Max Howard

Copper Fountain

Copper Fountain  $1517.50
Max Howard

Seaoats Fountain

Seaoats Fountain  $1167.50
Max Howard

Swirl Screen

Swirl Screen  $4200.00
John R. Keyser Inc.

Dancer Screen

Dancer Screen  $4200.00
John R. Keyser Inc.


Amulet  $3400.00
Gartner Blade Blown and Sculpted Glass

Calla Lily

Calla Lily  $329.50
Winifred Cole Designs Made By Bovano

Great Blue Heron With Enameled Cattails

Great Blue Heron With Enameled Cattails  $827.50
Bovano/Max Howard

Standing Seaoats

Standing Seaoats  Starting at $517.50
Max Howard

Standing Iris

Standing Iris  $517.50
Max Howard

Standing Cattails

Standing Cattails  Starting at $477.50
Max Howard


Embrace  $3650.00
Kramer Sculptures